World Tourism Day


To start with Happy World Tourism Day to all travellers who’ve been into travelling, willing to make travel a part of their life and to those who don’t travel I hope some day their mind will wake up and say “Let’s pack our bags and move out to explore the world”.

Travelling is a lifetime experience which makes us live our life without the worries and hustle bustle of the routine work. Many would say we don’t travel because its a waste of investment and has zero output. I say ” It is the most valuable asset one can ever have in their life span”.

Travel is something which teaches a person what he actually is and helps discover one’s ability. Moreover, one must for sure include a solo trip to some isolated place to immerse yourself in the nature and culture of that place. So pack your bags and head out.

Don’t keep yourself occupied just with the routine loads of works making you plunge your mind into the deep pool of darkness. Bring some shine to the dull and boring schedule and take a pledge this world tourism day to plan and execute a trip the very first vacation you have. May it be a short weekend but must go….

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