Visco Resort


2 Km before mandi on Delhi-kullu highway

Website- Visco Resort

About the resort-

Being located on the outskirts of Mandi the location perfectly suits the resort for it serene beauty and calm environment. The resort is large enough giving prime importance to the open space.

View from the resort
Riverside of the resort

There are vast category of rooms one can choose from. The rooms are large in size but lack a bit of finishing.

The best part is the morning tea/coffee or breakfast on the riverside lush green garden listening to the pleasant chirping of the birds.

One can also enjoy feeding the fishes in the river.


The food is good but it is recommended not to go for room service as the food gets chilled till it gets to the room from the kitchen at top.

Overall it is a nice experience  rather than from the regular hotels.


The hotel staff is well behaved and kind enough. They insistes us to check the room twice at check out and still we left our portable speakers there. Within an our of checkout we received a call informing about the speaker and weather should they courier it.


Ranges from Rs. 3000-7000 per night

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