Secret Lover Just For Month Lifetime

So today here I am with my first book review-

The book is about the first sight love of Armaan on his first day in new school.It takes you through the 7 year long journey on how he struggles with his life just for his initially one sided love.But destiny was already written and no can change that.

What i liked about the book was true friends he had always with him and the way he expresses his love. The best thing was his never ending love which he knew is only from his side but still he was always there for her. He could just spend his whole life with here image in his mind. Armaan is a person who can bear all the pain just to see a smile on the face of his loved ones be it his family, friends or love.

The story takes you through the ups and downs with the hope to find his love and also presents a sad part which makes him go mad as he is very sensitive and blames on him for what happened with a friend of him for whom Armaan was something more than a friend.

Overall the book is a nice read and maintains the interest of the reader. The youth mostly have gone through such phase and it that as they go through the book it will take them back to their days. After reading one will have a strong believe that true love never dies and someday in future now or later you will find your’s. Just don’t loose hope and always be their fighting for what you need.

I am sure you will love it !So why wait ? Buy Now**

Author bio-

Secret Lover Just For Month Lifetime

“Suyash Dwivedi was born in Uttar Pradesh, India and brought up in Mumbai. He has a degree in Electronics and elecommunication from Pune University and pursuing management from NMIMS, Mumbai. His book ‘Secret Lover …Just for month lifetime’ is inspired by his thoughts and few of real life incidents. Suyash works as an Engineer in Doha. He is Talkative, Sensitive, aggressive and Loving in nature. Writing is his hobby though by profession he is an Engineer.”

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