Thailand Survival Phrases: Thai for first time travelers

So here I am with another book review for Thai travelers.

Thailand has become a very famous tourist spot and welcomes all kinds of tourist be it backpackers, families, budget or luxury anyone, and everyone. Though one can enjoy the Thai vacation even of not well versed with the local language but its always good to know the basic words to make your vacation more comfortable.

This book called “Thailand Survival Phrases: Thai for first time travelers” comes up with great collection of the very basic words one would need to communicate with the locals and the most important thing is that it contains a video link to learn by seeing the lip movement and listening to the tone as they pronounce each word. Thai language has 5 tones and it’s very important to know these to effectively convey your message.

So don’t wait. Click to Grab the book now and set yourself for the amazing Thai adventures…

Author :

At the age of 28 years old Leo decided to leave his comfortable job in Los Angeles, California and begin a new life in Bangkok, Thailand. Moving to Thailand was the best decision he ever made. Now he teaches English at a top international school in Bangkok,Thailand and writes books on his spare time.


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