Lake Pleasant Resort Naukuchiatal – A harmonious blend of comfort and nature

Lake Pleasant Resort Naukuchiatal – A harmonious blend of comfort and nature

Naukuchiatal, a nine-cornered lake is perched in the Kumaon hills of Uttarakhand. Bordered by the lush green peaks touching the sky the lake offers a blissful sight. The beauty of Naukuchiatal is left untouched by the many myths circling around the globe. It is believed that at no point on land can we see all the nine corners of the lake in a single sight and if one does then he/she will achieve nirvana and disappear as a cloud of smoke. In this, all so enchanting environment a laid-back property is indeed to have a relaxing vacation. Lake Pleasant Resort is one such resort situated a little off the track and provides splendid views of the Naukuchiatal lake.

How to reach Lake Pleasant Resort Naukuchiatal?

Naukuchiatal is well connected via metalled roads to big cities like Delhi and Dehradun. The Pantnagar airport at 60 km is the nearest with regular flights plying to and from Delhi. For those who prefer the railways, Kathgodam is the nearest railway station at 33 km. Both shared and private cabs are available at disposal as you get off the bus or train.

As you continue on the Bhimtal – Naukuchiatal route, you will come across a Hanuman Temple to your right. At about 3 km from this, take the road diverting uphill to your left. From here signboards will lead your way to the Lake Pleasant Resort, Naukuchiatal.

About Lake Pleasant Resort-

Lake Pleasant Resort- Cottage View
Lake Pleasant Resort- Cottage View

Lake Pleasant Resort is a lovely property resting on the peaks circling around the Naukuchiatal Lake. The property offers splendid views of the lake and the evening sky shows a spectacular sight. Besides the cozy suites and deluxe rooms, the cottage offers a rooftop dining where you have all the cuisines to savor. Of all, I would strongly suggest going for their local kumaoni dishes.

There are plenty of activities offered to keep you engaged and make a perfect vacation for all travelers be it solo, group or family. The list of activities includes forest walks, paragliding, bonfire and MTB off-roaders. Also soon you will be able to shot a ball in their pool room and go for a ride on the mountain bikes.

Salient Features of Lake Pleasant Resort-

Solar Powered, Rainwater Harvesting, Sleeping Facilities for Drivers, Courteous Caretaker & Cook and a human’s best friend- DOG

How about the rooms?

This home away from home has a 3 BHK Villa (Includes 1 family room + 2 deluxe rooms) a suite room below the rooftop restaurant and 4 deluxe rooms. With more rooms coming up soon, each room offers a breathtaking view from the comfort of your blanket. The suite room comes with all the amenities like Television, cupboard, a bathtub and a much-needed room heater. All the rooms have a spacious bathroom with just the basic toiletries and continuous hot water supply. All in all, it is a perfect place to be called a HOME AWAY FROM HOME. 

How to spend a day in Naukuchiatal?

  • Go for a Nature Walk


Early Morning Forest Walk
Early Morning Forest Walk

The whole sole purpose of a vacation in the serenity of Naukuchiatal is to rejuvenate your mind and body. So start your day with an early morning forest walk. The walk is a loop that takes you through the vistas of nature to the Naukuchiatal Lake and back to Lake Pleasant Resort.





Naukuchiatal Lake
Naukuchiatal Lake

Through this walk, you not only freshen up your lungs but also a beautiful crimson skyline to treat your eyes with. Not to miss are the little chit-chats with the locals that could reveal many unknown stories from the past.






  • Get some Adrenaline rush

Naukuchiatal is the only place in the region where you can go adventure sporting. To begin with is the mud bike followed by Paragliding. At just 5 minutes from the Lake Pleasant Resort is the takeoff and landing grounds for paragliding and bookings can be made from the resort itself. I would suggest to go for a bigger one and not for the basic one that lasts for just about 2mins. The basic one can cost you anywhere between Rs. 1k to Rs. 2k depending on the season.


Now that you are done playing with the mud and air its time for some water sports. Yes, you got me right! Naukuchiatal Lake offers plenty of activities to indulge in. For the calm and peaceful couple there is boating and for the boiling blood, there is Kayaking. And believe me, the view from the center of the lake will make you want to just stay there with eyes wide open and a calming soul. There exists a fixed rate system so no scope of fraud which means no bargain. Please do no carry eatables in the lake and don’t spoil the beauty of the hill station.

  • Let’s ride some horses

I have always wanted to explore a town on horseback but never got to. For you wish the same then just make a request and a horse will be waiting for you outside the cottage. For a minimal cost, you can add an hour of a unique experience to your memory lane.

  • Done exploring all the places- Now what?
Sunset from Lake Pleasant Resort
Sunset from Lake Pleasant Resort

Well, the eve has just begun and a crimson red sky awaits your eyes only.The biggest plus point is that you get to enjoy splendid views from every nook of the resort. So just relinquish the sunset at the backdrop of Naukuchiatal lake followed by a bonfire that can be arranged on request.

  • Nearby Attractions

For those captivated by its serenity, encircling Naukuchiatal are many more attractions awaiting to lure you. From holy temples of Naina Devi and Hanuman Garhi to the charisma of Mukteshwar. Also, the pristine lake cities of Nainital, Bhimtal and Saat Taal in the proximity make for a perfect day trip from the Lake Pleasant Resort, Naukuchiatal.

For the hunger calls

Rooftop Restaurant at Lake Pleasant Restaurant
Rooftop Restaurant

The rooftop restaurant not only serves its guests but also to those looking for a pocket-friendly meal. The food (veg/non-veg) cooked by their in-house chef Anand Ji is not only scrumptious but also of great quality. If you are lucky enough to meet the owner Mr. Sanjay, you will not only be bestowed by his courtesy but also be served some of his specialties.

The cost factor!!

Lake Pleasant Resort is a very restful property perfect for a budget-friendly stay. It is a peaceful stay and a perfect place to get to know the local food, culture, and people. To ease the process, bookings can be made across the leading platforms such as MakeMyTrip, TripAdvisor, and

For Direct bookings-

*Though we were offered a free stay and food at the property, the review is completely unbiased and reflects our actual experience to its best.

** The post contains some affiliate links which won’t cost you any difference but would help us earn a bit for each booking made through this.

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