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Well, writing for my blog is something I always enjoy but there’s something more I love to do. Write for others. Writing articles for others is something that brings me to a new provocation and besides enhances my knowledge too. So here is my journey so far on the route of guest blogging.Below I have mentioned the blogs I have colluded with so far. Read it ! Love it !  Contact us to get one written for yourself.

Bridle Tribe :

Adventurous Honeymoon Planning in India

Honeymoon destination plans to Manali can bring expectantly beautiful natural and picturesque scenery. it can add lush beauty to your travel moments. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is a honeymoon paradise for newlywed couples after the hectic bustle of a wedding. Say I do, celebrate with family and friends, grab your packed bags and hop on a plane to Manali.{ Read more….}

Earths Attraction :

A guide to Haldwani, Uttarakhand, India

Violeta-Loredana P. like learning and discovering new places from all over the world. There are so many interesting and beautiful cities, towns, and villages out there, each with its special charm. Today she is presenting you Haldwani, in Uttarakhand, India in a guide compiled by Mohit Agarwal from MohitArts. Famous places, off the beaten path attractions, tips, and more for Haldwani!

Migrating Miss :

The best brunches to be found around the world!

Sonja adores brunch. She might even be a little obsessed with it. Spending mornings that turn into afternoons in eateries, having big fulfilling meals, catching up with friends or quietly reading the newspaper or a book. It’s one of her favorite things in the world to do. But brunch around the world comes in all different forms. So she decided to ask her fellow travel bloggers to tell her about their favorite brunch. Here is a collection of some of  The best brunches to be found around the world! See what I have to say along with many others worldwide.

Hang Around the World :

A weekend in Agra

What if your lover after your death builds a palace to show how much he loves you?! Well, it’s not that easy too in today’s era. You can’t have one for yourself but surely you can make a visit to the biggest gift given in the history. A monument called ‘Taj Mahal’ that is  an example for every lover in today’s era.{ Read more….}

Travel with Alaine :

Where would you go?

Alaine, the owner of Travelwithalaine says “I’ve joined several Travel Blogger groups on Facebook and find myself reading the most inspiring posts from other bloggers as well as following a lot of travelers on Instagram. Much like food porn, I’m inspired and love hearing other people’s stories.” So she asked her fellow travelers this question:

If you could go back to a place, where would you go and why? Have a look at what they have to say.


Atipsygypsylife :

The one thing I always regret packing

One of the most delightful activities of travel is being able to bring back gifts for others… And maybe ourselves. Overpacking brings unnecessary stress to an otherwise fascinating adventure. In fact, I’ve witnessed and participated in tossing weathered items during a long trip. Not very environmentally friendly! So what’s the one thing I always regret packing? 

Holiday IQ :


These 5 Pocket-Friendly Stays in Jaipur Will Leave You Very Happy

Ever pondered what it feels like making a stay in a different hotel every day? Or have you ever tried that ? Well, we did so. On our five days trip to Jaipur, we picked a new stay option for each night and I affirm you it’s an extraordinary experience. Harbor every eve you are googling for the best and affordable stay. Or without any worries making back to your fixed hotel just heading out to any place and choosing a stay there itself. Well if nothing then at least it saves traveling time and cost. Look what have for you here to add moon and stars for your next trip.{ Read more….}

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