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These days I see many of tourists coming around from the whole world with the aim of cross country cycling. These are those who have left their homes, jobs and their families to conquer their passion. I am not here to discourage anyone but the truth is that while you leave to live your life, your families sit back in a hope that wherever you are safe. Since, most bicyclers choose a place less traveled they cannot even be contacted due to poor communication facilities existing in the remote places. So taking care of the safety of all those cycling around the world there comes a great app BIKE COMPUTER to give a breath of relieve to you and your families.

Though there are a numerous Cyclometers and GPS tracking apps dedicated for cyclists for years, yet most of them are missing a key feature for the safety conscious cyclists. This app upgrades your phone, making it the best BIKE COMPUTER ever! It has an additional ‘PREMIUM’ feature ‘KEEP ME SAFE which is an accident detection system.


The idea behind the improvement of the safety functionality of cyclometers came after a team member ended in the emergency room with a concussion, and wasn’t able to contact anyone. No one knew what had happened to him, or where he was, it was a dreaded night of tracing his tracks in order to find him. This very experience kicked the team in gear to develop a safety feature that the current slew of cyclometer apps are lacking.

What Is Next?

The team isn’t ready to call it a day off and are currently developing a Live Tracking feature. The Live Tracking feature would enable a coach to monitor the cyclist performance and send back appropriate advice, and a lightweight power bank that would extend the active running time of the Bike Computer for additional 15 hours.

What you get?

Register Now And Get The KEEP ME SAFE Feature For Free!

Bike Computer is available both on Google Play Store and iTunes .

If you register in the first 60 days, the KEEP ME SAFE mode will be available free for the first year, after the promotional period the price will be $49 annually.

Check out their brand new video :

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