How to plan a multi-city trip effortlessly with apps and websites?

A multi-city trip is one of the perfect kind of vacation plans. If you are taking out the time for a vacation and actually spending money to travel to a place, it just makes more sense to plan a multi-city trip to make the most of it! And while it seems nerve-cracking to plan a multi-city trip, there are., thankfully few apps and websites that do the trick.

Here are few effective tools to plan a multi-city trip with minimum to no effort:

  • TripHobo – All in one travel planner for multi-city trips

This trip planning tool, available both on an app as well on a website is one of the easiest ways to plan a D.I.Y. multi-city trip. The planner gives enough liberty for the users to experiment with their own day-planning, giving them helpful suggestions for each step. It is a fully customizable and you can add as many cities as you wish to travel to. The trip planner then creates a visual trip plan that has the cities added by you in the designated order, including the city’s day-wise schedule, accommodation as well as activities that you wish to add.

Triphobo Planner

You can download the print version or access it on the phone.

  • Airbnb – Accommodation and activities

Yes, it is a super cool accommodation booking website without a doubt. And what makes it great for multi-city trip planning is that it also has a scope for adding and booking activities and local experiences for each city that you wish to travel to. Once you complete the booking for the accommodation of various cities you want to travel to, the website/app creates an itinerary for you, taking into account the travel dates for each city. You can then add and book experiences and activities hosted by locals.

Great for putting your accommodation and activities in one place, but doesn’t help with transport or day-wise planning.

  • Tripit – organizing the travel data

The app provides you with a well-organised itinerary for multiple cities which is highly reliable. The easy-to-use interface is great for the travellers on the go and perfect for serious travellers as well. Once you are finished all your bookings, you can enter them into the travel planner and you are set. You can explore your visual plan from everywhere. From finding the best travel seats to getting notifications about your refunds, Tripit does it all.

The only drawback of the website/app is it doesn’t really help with the actual planning or bookings.

  • Google Trips

Highly suitable for most travellers, since everyone is very-well versed with its interface. Google’s travel planner can be used to organize your travel data which can be directly fetched from your emails and synced with your phone’s calendar. Furthermore, you can read about the various travel destinations on the app to make a decision for your day-wise planning.

Planning your next multi-city travel, you know what apps to use!


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