Versatile Blogger Award

It’s been a few months my blog was down due to lack of stories to share, reason being some financial issues. Though i could have created research based articles but that’s not my type. Feeling quite depressed for not able to write some good stuff transformed to a new high of motivation when I received a Versatile Blogger Award from Neha who writes at Revolving Compass.

About Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award is a token of appreciation for the hardship and honesty of a blogger. The fellow bloggers nominate other admirable bloggers who are either new on the path or have already traveled far.

The ones nominated are suppose to write about the award,

(1) introducing the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’, to the people
(2) introducing the one who nominated them .
(3) Nominating fellow bloggers in the process.

The one who Nominated me

Neha and Abhishek whose travel stories have always inspired me and I have been following their blog since I discovered  it in the early days of my journey. Neha with her partner or better to say Life Partner Abhishek have explored not only the Indian gems but also  many spectacular destinations abroad. I am sure you don’t wanna miss their articles so do have a look here and also not to miss their Insta. 

Some little known facts about me

NOW, before I proceed to nominate I would like to take the opportunity to share some lesser known facts about me- 

  1. Brought up in a town situated on the foothills of Indian Himalaya I had and have a predilection for pristine nature. Be it secluded beaches, spectacular sunrise & sunsets, placid lakes and more. Haldwani is a small town located close to Nainital, a famous hill station in North India. Due to its close proximity ( 5 mins. drive) from the mountains the city is blessed with pleasant weather round the year.
  2. Recently graduated Civil engineer having a deep sited love for travelling since high school. It all started when I was on my first family trip to Bangalore. 
  3. I always wanted to pen down my experiences and the thought of blogging always freaked yet captivated. My programming skill were worst in the school. This made blogging not my cup of tea. It was only until after my graduation I finally took a step forward and realized I was wrong and blogging requires only will to learn new skills.
  4. I won’t say I have traveled a lot but what ever few places I have been to have left me with unique experiences. So far my list includes Jaipur, Nainital, Bangalore and not to miss a road trip on one of the world’s most adventurous routes- The Spiti Valley. A visa on the passport is yet left to be stamped.
  5. Being part of the family business I don’t have any tangible income and I receive money as and when needed. Now, that’s something I don’t like…I want to get away with asking for money to please my  travelling soul…
  6. Finding ways out I have started taking up freelancing work as a content writer, social media post scheduler and few more so that I am not anymore dependent on someone for money. But still a long way to go for….

Nominees for Versatile Blogger Award

Markmyadventure by Anand Patel
Thevagabonddreamer by Chetna Khetawat
Campodegelo by Guilherme Eisfeld
LeightonLiterature. by Leighton Thomas
TravelDiaries78 by Karishma Salot Nagpal 
GrumpyChefTravles by Rachit Kirteeman 
TrotWithMe by Mansi Kumar

Here’s what nominees have to do

As a nominee for the versatile blogger award you are required to do the following-
(1) introduce the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’, to the people 
(2) thank the one who nominated you adding link to their website
(3) share some lesser know facts about yourself
(4) nominate fellow bloggers in the process
(5) Display Versatile Blogger Award badge while linking it to your post 

Congratulations to all the nominees…waiting to read your experiences….Do share your post in the comments of just tag me on facebook.